The Story of You with Jumper.AI Co-founder Nyha Shree

How does Jumper work?

Jumper converts your social media posts into a shopable post so that when customers comment on your post with simple queries like “what’s the price” or “how do I order this”, Jumper will automatically answer them and talk to your customers on your behalf and walk them through the sale right within the platform. They don’t have to go to another website.

How do you ensure it is secure?

All the credit card data or financial data gathered, we don’t store it, neither do the merchants. It’s tokenized with the payment gateways. Tokenisation is an encryption method which is created by companies like VISA. The payment processor stores keep the data to ensure the protection.

How do the recent algorithmic changes in Facebook affect social selling and brands marketing on social media platforms?

One of the things I have seen on Facebook is that if you are engaged with a page, it will give you priority over others. The algorithm is pushing customers towards groups and if there is a positive intent from the customer, it works well.

Tell us about some highlights and challenges over your journey to reach Forbes 30 Under 30.

I started entrepreneurship in college and this is my 6th company and it has been a set of failures. Three failed companies—most of the learning came from the failures. In terms of the learnings, it was how do build a vision for your product and what you need to do in terms of your vision for your product to keep your team more than motivated.

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The other is what to assess when you are in the building phase of your product and understand what your consumers want, especially when you are in the initial stage.

Was it hard to educate people about Jumper?

In Asia, people have already moved on to social commerce. Anyone who is already using social media as their major acquisition channel, they get the utility of the platform.

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So, for us whether it be enterprise clients or SaaS companies—we do have a set of early adopters who instantly get what the product is and what the value add is.

What are the statistics of people who complete a sale on website vs social selling?

In Asia on the average, 30 per cent of digital sales happen through social media.