The Story of You with Homage Co-founder and CEO Gillian Tee

Homage is an online platform that provides on-demand caregiving solutions to the elderly in Singapore.

We sat down with Co-founder and CEO Gillian Tee to ask her about the inspirations behind the company, working in tech in the US vs. Singapore and why she hates the term ‘Silver Tsunami’.

Homage was founded in 2016 by Y-Combinator alumni Tee, Lily Phang, and Tong Duong. The team was motivated to start Homage when they saw a clear and urgent demand for in-home care for the elderly, who currently number more than 450,000 in Singapore’s ageing population.

Tee joined us for a refreshing, honest and fun discussion about one of the more unique startups in Singapore. Enjoy the show!