The Jay Kim Show with SnapAsk Founder and CEO Timothy Yu

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Snapask, labeled by the BBC as the “Uber of tutoring,” is an on-demand tutoring service operating in multiple Asian countries. The subscription-based service allows students to submit specific questions and receive a response from a qualified tutor within seconds. Tim aims to revolutionize not only the tutoring industry but traditional teaching methods as well.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Tim became inspired to found Snapak
  • How Snapask works — both from a student and tutor perspective
  • How Tim hopes to facilitate change in traditional education
  • Tim’s advice for young entrepreneurs

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (1:02) Tim gives the backstory of Snapask
  • (2:58) Tim touches on the family dynamics of being an aspiring entrepreneur as a young adult
  • (4:50) Tim explains how the Snapask model is different from some other online education tools
  • (8:12) Tim describes the process he followed when building his product
  • (10:58) Tim describes how he built his team
  • (12:40) How Snapask was funded
  • (13:41) Tim describes the Snapask user experience and how students are linked with tutors
  • (15:52) The subjects covered on Snapask
  • (16:35) The age groups for which Snapask is suitable
  • (17:21) Tim gives more details about the user experience
  • (19:03) Tim describes Snapask’s revenue model
  • (20:12) Details about the Snapask teaching flow
  • (20:57) Who is a suitable Snapask tutor?
  • (24:23) Tim explains how Snapask measures students’ progress
  • (27:29) Tim’s goals for Snapask
  • (28:56) Tim’s prediction for education in 20 years
  • (31:40) Tim’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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