The Jay Kim Show with John P. Reese, the Founder and CEO of Validea

Ever wish you could get advice from one of the legendary investors about a stock you’re considering? With John’s models, which are based on the published strategies of guru investors, you can basically do just that. John combined his experience with AI, business, and his study of expert investment strategies to create Validea, which aims deliver a disciplined, systematic investment approach with a long-term perspective.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About John’s unique path into the world of investing
  • How Validea’s models account for qualitative factors
  • Which investment strategy is currently performing the best
  • About Validea’s various levels of service
  • John’s forecast for the U.S. market and for emerging markets

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:14) John gives a detailed overview of his educational, business, tech, and investing backgrounds
  • (8:44) Jay and John discuss John’s process of studying laymen’s books and establishing a system around what he learned
  • (10:46) John compares and contrasts quant (or factor) investing strategies with fundamental-based investing strategies
  • (13:25) John discloses the major criteria for identifying successful investment processes
  • (17:15) John explains how his quant models account for qualitative criteria
  • (20:52) John explains how his model addresses issues like diversification, number of stocks, portfolio concentration, etc.
  • (24:00) An overview of Validea’s offerings
  • (25:25) John reveals which of the model’s strategies is currently performing the best
  • (26:06) John gives an overview of his fund and of the various service levels he offers
  • (29:48) John shares his thoughts on international and emerging markets
  • (31:38) John’s thoughts on AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies
  • (34:09) John’s next goals for Validea

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